Who is Iris Starlight?

Owner of the Butterfly Forests Homestead and MagikBoom Studios! / THE YAMNA SAGA PROJECT. The just under five hectares homestead is located on Midgely Rd. Mangonui, NZ. We do not have a house number as of yet, due of not building the cob homestead until we relocate to New Zealand at the end of 2018.

This blog was created for the purpose of inspiring others who wish to establish a low carbon footprint way of life, with mother nature in mind. My blog posts show what I have learned over the years, and my creation processes as a example. I hope whomever reads my blog posts brings further curiosity in what I do, and manifests a deeper desire to help save the planet, with the daily choices we make. One can become their own boss, not be a ‘slave to the machine/daily work grind‘ so to speak, live their lives to the fullest and use all of their skills/gifts in a profile career setting.

I am an artist, singer, baker, sculptor, gardener, writer, poet, philosopher, engineer of dreams, medicinal herbalist, environmentalist in conservation, humanitarian, dancer, romantic, photographer, sword lover (I have a growing collection and create metal swords at a forge) 😛  – archer, extreme sports/adrenaline junkie, scientist in her own right, explorer. .. … and far too many parts of me to list, honestly. 🙂 My skills and knowledge continue to grow within me, as I take the time to intimately better understand myself, try out new things to experience and becoming ever-enriched by the delicious-rich world surrounding me. 🙂

If a ‘girl with the night sky in her eyes’ who is not wealthy, can make this possible – anyone can. Simply work hard, take risks (when an opportunity arrives: go for it, without fear), break free of your safety-zone, stop being a worry-wort/nervous/caring so much in thinking: “What if I fail? What if I look silly? What will others think of me? My image of being accepted by ‘whatever/whoever’ could be at risk!”.. who cares?  These thoughts hinder great new joys from existing, and the potential to truly live a life you shall never regret.

Stay connected with life around you, be mindful-aware and do not EVER give up on your dreams! 🙂
“Since I was a child, I feel a big part of my life’s purpose is to bring loving-happiness to everyone I encounter on this planet. .  Human, animal, it does not matter to me.” 🙂 ❤


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