How to properly plant a tree..

This morning, Marianne (one of the owners of Cricket’s Cove), another intern and I planted a garden bed. Lavender plants, a few shrubs and ground covers were planted. While planting, we noticed since the drought has been going on for a month and a half – the ground in reaction has become hard as a rock. So, to help with loosening up the soil, Marianne watered a hole to help soften it up for easier digging.

While we were on a short break, she told us how to properly plant a tree or large plant in general.

1.) Dig your hole in the evening.
2.) Fill the hole up to the top with water.
3.) Allow the water in the hole to go down into the soil. Go to bed. 😉 🙂
4.) In the morning fill the hole a second time to the top.
5.) Once the ground has taken in the water, you can drop the tree in and cover with mulch of your choice.

y allowing the water to soak in twice, gives the tree’s bare roots when planted -to reach down into the ground depth in search of water. This overall helps within developing a strong and well-rooted tree. 🙂

For if you simply did what some people will do:
*Dig a hole in dry soil, plant it and water it from above heavily in one sitting – this causes the roots of the tree/sapling to search above for water instead. Let the combination of soil/water/time/gravity to lead the way.  Soil is like a sponge. If you try to water a dry soil, it will take some time in order for it to take it in. Plenty of run-off shall happen first.. and it takes a while for it to reach deep into the Earth (even by a mere five inches). Learn to embrace the wisdom of patience and awareness in growing beautiful plants in a developing garden. All-and-all, It will make your life far more easier and also for the plants. 🙂


Hazelnut Saplings!

The Hazelnut Saplings are looking great as they continue to grow on their first year.
Root production on a Hazelnut tree’s first year is it’s main focus. The next fallowing year will be height, making more branches, etc.

When I come back from the work exchange Dairy Goat Farm, I will transfer the Hazelnut Saplings into their own rather large individual pots. If I do not see leaves emerged from the two currently budding saplings; I will wait until they are all “wide awake” and ready for taking in much needed sunshine from their new fully developed leaves.

Have a great day everyone, enjoy the sunshine and Namaste’ 🙂
DSC03748 DSC03749