Day 1 of 30 New Zealand

We are staying for a week with a lovely couple who are developing their self sustainable, food-forest, and permaculture homestead. A lovely day and such caring-intelligent individuals. 🙂 We were given a grand tour of their property and future plans with cob building and a round house for their healing arts. 🙂

The two pure bred dairy goats they own are called: “Saanen.” A fine-gentle dairy goat. 🙂

More information about the Saanen can be found here:


Back from the dairy goat farm

What a lovely dairy goat farm I work exchanged with for eleven days. 🙂
There where twenty-two pregnant goats, two bucks, flock of sweetheart chickens and fifteen doe yearlings.
I learned so many valuable skills and lessons of taking proper care of goats and their kids. 🙂

I plan to return to this lovely dairy goat farm after my fiancee’ and I learn how to make an adobe/cob house from scratch in Oregon.

Lots of love everyone and many green blessings. ❤