Part 2: Permaculture Certification C!

Soon Daniel and I shall attend the second part of three, in regards to our permaculture certification course. 🙂

In this parter, we shall learn upon:

-Agroforestry and Carbon Farming,
-Botany Introduction and field guides,
-Contour Mapping
-Efficient house systems,
-Straw bale houses,
-Deep ecology Introduction

Stay tuned for photographs and further details whence we return.

On a side note:

Next month I shall be hiking the Vermont section of the long trail. It is a total of eighty-six miles, hiking-up hard terrain and soaking with adventure! 😀 I shall make sure to upload a few photographs of some of the highlights my best feind and I witness. The trip shall take a total of nine days to complete. 😀

This will challenge me in all ways of myself possible [spirit, body and mind]. Since the beginning of this month [May] I have been training for this adventure. Since I was a teenager, I have wanted to take part in hiking a portion of the long trail. haha 😀 I can finally check this off of my ‘bucket list.’ ❤ 😀


NZ-D.O.C. Online Training Courses

Yesterday afternoon, I was checking online to see how the Predator Free New Zealand 2050 program is moving along. While looking further into it, I found there are online free courses one can take; to better understand how I can help (we plan upon purchasing plots of old cattle land, that is far too hilly for a local to place a home on).

Once purchasing the ‘no-one-wants-it’/’it’s-been-on-the-market-for years’ plots, we will be slowly transforming the land back to native bush. Each plot shall become pockets of wildlife sanctuaries. I was thinking of having each wildlife sanctuary, have a trail through it – which leads to a small platform for viewing visitors. . Possibly, a volunteer/intern could watch over the land (park ranger in training).

Also we shall be creating a foundation (name of wildlife foundation TBA) for donation proceeds which help protect our wildlife sanctuaries, etc. Part of the funds, (have not crunched percentages, numbers yet) will be coming from sales made in the Flutterby CSA/Store on the Butterfly Forests Homestead.
Whilst taking my five week online course in Disease prevention of Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) from the Association for Butterflies; I shall be also be studying in conservation of NZ wildlife. ❤ 🙂 *Such a bounty of knowledge at my fingertips (and classes in person) this year! 😀 Not only am I strengthening my intellect, but also my body. 😉 🙂

Since late October of last year, I have been going to the gym and taking membership classes (cycling, yoga, Pilates, Zumba and kickboxing). 😀 It is very-important to be in tip-top shape for the Butterfly Forests Homestead. There will be long days of physically lifting earth to build our home, helping lift large (re-salvaged hopefully) timber for the supporting beams, to just overall daily working hard on the farm. 🙂

I do not want to find myself burn-out by the end of the first week of building our home. I would feel absolutely silly sitting/standing on the side-lines,  while twenty or so COB/natural earth builders are working tirelessly/more fit than me on a dream I’ve been planning for years.. Plus, I would just feel bad with not doing my part. 🙂

Link to New Zealand’s Department of Conservation online free courses, can be found here: