Making Homemade Cheese

Since we shall be having dairy goats in the future and we have roughly a year-and-a-half left until the big move to New Zealand; why not take advantage of the time and learn the basics of making cheese? 🙂

I‘ll be starting with spreadable cheese, first. Working up the ladder with difficulty (soft cheeses to hard cheeses) and skill required. ❤ Today is a lemon cheese spread kind of day! 😉 haha

Later on this afternoon, I will be attending a meet-up group about water cycles and soil as a carbon sponge. The speaker is an Australian climate scientist and soil microbiologist
Walter Jehne. He is the director of Healthy Soils Australia. 🙂

Link to the event and further information can be found here:

Update: 4/30/18

Finished cheese! Yay!   Side note: the cheese is actually milky-white and the basil is green colored in reality. My smartphone is not the best in taking pictures at times, in regards to lighting and capturing the proper colors.    The soft cheese turned out rather tasty. ^^

Off to making dinner with the whey. ^^