Beneficial Insects Study

As a side project for my job as a greenhouse and nursery staff at Allandale Farm – I am given the fun task of creating signs for their three beneficial insects. 🙂

This is the first of three I have completed:
The Green-Lacewing (I just released larva onto infested flowers who were covered in aphids late last week).


This is an excellent learning process for me (both interacting and releasing the insects). Due, of not having an in-depth knowledge of beneficial insects, except for the common known Ladybird/Ladybug and praying mantis. At the Butterfly Forests Homestead, we plan to have zero-pesticides and simply allow the natural balance mother nature intended. Introducing and attracting predators whom enjoy eating the pests, who munch upon our editable flowers, vegetables, fruits, nut trees and various plants. 🙂

Update: 6/4/2017

A few days ago, I received back the illustrations of all four Beneficial Insects from work I had completed over a month ago. 😀 Sorry for the delay, (it was out of my control) but here they are in all their glory! 😛 😀

I plan to create more illustrations for my continuing study, in the nearby future. 🙂