As apart of my current studies, Aromatherapy has been on my mind. 🙂

Under the holistic umbrella of bettering one’s self through-and-through; I came to sheer excitement upon how all of my natural skills can co-exist as a profile career. ❤ I desire to learn how to create candles, soaps, incense, a large array of essential oils, sugar scrubs, bath bombs and various other aromatic delights.
We have so much unnecessary stress and great sadness all over the world. I desire to do my best with every new person (or non-stranger) I meet at the Butterfly Forests Homestead to lessen these feelings. Even if a visitor is not intending to purchase something from the “Flutter-Free CSA” – I still want to bring a glimmer of sunshine-breeze to their lives. 🙂

The current book I am studying in connection to Aromatherapy is called: “The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy” by Chrissie Wildwood. It’s a great read and very useful for those who are interested in what Aromatherapy is, or those who want to further their ‘holistic branch-feelers.’ 🙂 😉