Fresh Lemon Aid

The little-simple things in life we can make:

Made for the first time, freshly squeezed lemons with local honey [watered down slightly with water]. It’s the first time I have had fresh lemon aid before.

All of the other times I have had lemon aid, was from a frozen concentrated can form or – the carton-type.. The fresh, real-thing is so good! .. I can taste the lemon [no after-taste] and the balance with the local honey, is perfect. It has a lemon-bite to it – but, not in a bad way.

It only took me roughly ten minutes to make a large pitcher of it. We are certainly growing a few lemon trees in the future. One of our friends from New Zealand, mentioned adding ginger root next time. . I’ll certainly do this with the next batch.

The more golden color – than your classic ‘traditional’ lemon aid, is from the honey. White sugar is commonly used for your ‘classic Americana version’ of lemon aid. I aim for a slightly more healthier version.  



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