Bioregional Knowledge Self-Assessment

Continuing our in-depth understanding of our property, I have been given an assignment [filling it in earlier than I supposed to] by the permaculture design certification course, by Sowing Solutions. 🙂

It’s amazing how the more familiar you are with your future homeland, the better-off you shall be. Obvious, common-sense-stuff.. but not many land owners take the time, or think about it. I am very thankful, for being given all of these new ways of thinking, skills and tools from this course. It didn’t even cross my mind to ask such simple questions about the land, it’s wildlife [are there any endangered species in the area?] to others mentioned in this land self-assessment. 🙂

By looking into what I already know [no cheating! – finding answers I have no-clue about] of the future land of the Butterfly Forests Homestead, allow me to see where I stand in the present day with the bioregional relationships. ❤ It’s so important to explore and gain a better grasp of where we live, and how our actions with the land impact the outstretches of our property lines.

I will mention a few questions, but need to give the questions where credit is due. 🙂
The questions have been adapted and inspired by the ‘Tourist Test’ in Kamana One; Compiled by: Connor Stedman and Kay Cafasso.

1.) What is the name of your local watershed? What larger body of water does that watershed flow into?

2.) What is the source of the stream nearest to your home?

3.) Name one endangered or threatened species of which your area holds a breeding population. Where in the landscape is that population found and what threats exist to it?

4.) Name three “extreme” weather events that are common enough in your area to be relevant in the design of buildings and landscapes. What seasons do these generally occur in, and how frequently?


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