Canning .. :)

Canning is not a difficult project to do. 🙂 All one needs is mason jars (boil the glass, lids and rings separated in a pot of water: seven minutes), pears (just ripe, sliced into sections, cooked in boiling simple syrup: five minutes), a pot of boiling water (sugar, lemon juice [for a preservative]:  cooking the pears in), ladle, jar funnel, paper towels (for wiping the tops of the mason jars, metal rings and covers. They need to be dry and clean – for the seal to ‘pop!’) and jar grabber (I forget the proper name of the tool – but it’s perfect for getting the jars out of the boiling water so not to boil yourself too). 😉 😛 🙂

The simple syrup ratio of lemon juice, is roughly one table spoon per quart of water. Half a table spoon is fine. I used a cup in a half of sugar for two gallons.. you can easily look up online for what others say.. I just guessed. 😉 🙂 A large pot of simple syrup will house six to eight quarts of canned pears.

Make sure to boil your jars, lids and metal rings for at least seven minutes. This will sterilize the mason jars, so no bacteria is present. The syrup you use to boil the pears in will also be the liquid you pour into the full mason jars of pears. You want to make sure the pear syrup is boiling before placing in peeled and halved pears. Cook the pears for a total of five minutes. When pouring the simple syrup into the pear jars; fill them to the top. As long as the pears are completely submerged in the scalding simple syrup – they will be safe from bacteria forming. Label and date your mason jars and place in a cool, dry, non-lit place. Allow the canned pears to cool to room temperature before placing them in a refrigerator.. Also, if you wait for at least a month before eating- the pears will be super-extra yummy! 🙂

* It is very important to get all of the bubbles out of your mason jars. Having a long spoon, butter knife, or chop-stick works great for getting the bubbles to the surface before sealing. If air bubbles are trapped in the canned goods, this can give the potential of bacteria forming, making the canned goods toxic (people could get sick).


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