Thoughts of koi ponds.. <3

This afternoon Daniel and I attended one of his Bach-B-Q socials. The host of the party had a lovely established garden, which was very much permaculture like. 🙂 He had a large patio with hardy kiwi and three-type seedless grape arbor. Behind it, laid a beautiful koi pond with waterfall. I asked the host of the party if it had an air pump, and he acknowledged it indeed does. 🙂

When Daniel and I create the Butterfly Forests Homestead, we are going to have a three pond system for filtering grey water; with adjacent waterfalls to connect the three. Edible aquatic plants shall be on the third pond, along with koi fish to help with fertilizer. 🙂


Creating Traditional Raised Beds

On the last day working as an intern at Cricket’s Cove, I learned the super-easy way to create raised beds in a pre-weeded garden plot. The day before, a fellow intern and I weeded the four raised beds on the farm. It only took a bit of muscle and a prior day of flooding each bed with water to soften the soil around the roots. 🙂

We only used a few tools – wheeled hoe, basic hoe and a few shovels. It took roughly a total of twenty minutes to complete. 🙂 ❤

Last week, I helped harvest bamboo for the first time and worked with a few other interns to construct a bamboo fence. We have troubles with deer in the area, so this will help deter them from walking in at night. 🙂 Thank goodness, we do not have to worry about deer entering our future homestead in New Zealand. 😀 haha The hunting areas where deer flock (as far as I know) do not roam around Mangonui. ❤

The future plan is to use bamboo for various projects around the Butterfly Forests Homestead. There shall be a possible idea of creating a ground barrier that will be deigned for bamboo to grow, without the plant taking over.. we shall see what route we take in order to have a supply of bamboo. . 🙂 😉

*Of course, one can also plant a two tier effect hedge of plants deer do not like to eat around the property. . Or nasty bushes and plants that will cause them to pause or stop. I do not think that shall be an issue in all-honesty .. or something we will have to consider later on. 🙂