Fall ‘preparal’

Starting today, a fellow intern and I shall be planting seeds for the fall harvest. Vegetables such as romaine, butter-crunch, etc (head lettuces). I am not one who is used to growing seasons all year long. In the sum of it all, this is great training for me. 🙂

Below photographs, are a few trays of what we started. 🙂

I come originally from New England where all four seasons appear in extremes. The snows are in tidal waves of blizzards in groups of three. Since climate change has reared it’s ugly head -in the past seven years snow has become more gradually less and less harsh in Vermont. . . Concerning, yes. But- this is why I am glad this internship has odd flows of droughts, to mild climates. I need to continue my grasp in being able to adapt to ever-change: the routines first world pampered humans assume every year/day is a bubble-fantasy .. Mother Nature is unpredictable at times, yet does indeed have a rhythm .. but if the balance is ‘jarred‘ by us in overtime-negligence; nature then has to re center it.. and this re-balancing is certainly not always so pleasant, to our desired comfort.

*steps off soapbox* -Continues on with the seeding post. 😛

So, what we shall be doing in regards to making sure we have an ongoing crop of produce – is to space out the plantings. The seeds will be placed in four packs with a gap of a week in-between each sewing. 🙂 The produce we grow at our farm shall be helping feed delighted customers – anxiously waiting. They have been asking: “Do you have any lettuce ready yet?” for the past month I have been working here. 🙂


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