Monarch Butterfly Studies/Care

Whilst waiting for the last Luna Moths to develop into adults and emerge; I felt it was about time that I graduated to taking care of Butterflies. 😀 In the past, Daniel and I visited the delightful ‘The Butterfly Place’ in Westford MA. While we enjoyed the stay, we picked up a native butterfly rearing kit of three. 🙂

The monarch butterfly rearing kit I have just purchased moments ago, is a set of 14-16 monarch butterfly larvae. It should be arriving by May 15th. 😀 ❤ I have also made sure to order three bare root milkweeds (I have organic soil and pots already) and a butterfly cage which can hold them and protect them from predators.

The plan is to place the cocoons into mason jars and give them to dear friends at Allandale Farm to watch them develop into butterflies and then release them into the wild. 🙂

I desire to share as much as I can of my journeys and experiences, with of the love of butterflies and nature to others wherever I go. I want my life-journeys to help others reconnect with nature, inspire and show how anyone can help save our earth; the simple gift of bringing a little more *love-light* into the world. 🙂

Once I receive the babies, kit, butterfly cage and milkweeds in the mail – I shall post an update in this particular blog post. 😉 🙂

You can purchase your own disease-free monarch butterfly rearing kits here:


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