Luna Moths are on their way! :D

Last evening, after returning from a hard day at work (Allandale Farm: Nursery and Greenhouse staff employee) -I felt it was time to purchase a set of three Luna Moths for the month of April. Luna Moths, as far as I have learned of them recently; tend to emerge from their cocoons in the month of April. They have the lifespan of a mere one week and have an average wingspan of three in a half to four inches. So, if I happen to receive not all males or females: my studies in Luna Moth care, will not just be the adult stage part. 🙂  😛

I should be getting these three lovelies on March 29th. In the meanwhile, I shall be looking for a rather large (globe shaped hopefully) terrarium, small chicken wire (to protect them from our kitties in the house/to not escape) and natural habitat plants for their transition of adoption. 🙂

Once everything is set up and they arrive: I shall be documenting their progress and of anything I happen to learn with this hands-on lesson of mine. I will of course, take photos of these beautiful moths in cocoon stage and their later progress, and upload their photographs here. 🙂 Maybe, I’ll even post a link from youtube to a short video (we’ll see). 😉 😀
Update: March 29th, 2017

Hooray! The three babies are here. 😀 ~ ❤ The Luna Moths should emerge from their cocoons within three weeks. If not, I place them in the refrigerator for at least two weeks at 45 degrees Fahrenheit (the Luna Moths are probably in diapause; hibernation if they do not come out of their cocoons roughly in three weeks from now). Then I will allow another two weeks at room temperature for their emergence. 🙂  I also shall be misting them daily to keep the cocoons moist. I placed a small glass water bowl in the terrarium nearby the cocoons to help keep the air moist.

Hopefully, they will make their debut in the next three weeks. 😀


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