Luna Moth Practice

In  the beginning  of April, I plan to purchase a set of three Luna Moth Cocoons for hands on experience. With the future plans of creating a butterfly sanctuary; an indoor butterfly/moth room will be designed in regards of conservation (population growth and release) and education. 🙂 Once the butterflies in the butterfly sanctuary have undergone their metamorphosis into adulthood – I shall release the native New Zealand butterflies out into the wild. 🙂

Since I do not have much hands on experience in caring for moths or butterflies; I feel on my spare time, while still living in the USA – I could purchase moths and butterflies in order to learn. 🙂 I will be creating a habitat in a large glass globe terrarium for the Luna Moths to live in.

Luna Moths are a great way to get one started in caring for our winged friends. I will never release them out into the wild, due that there is no certainty the moths or butterflies purchased from an online store has non-diseased moths or butterflies. Secondly, the butterflies I am planning on purchasing could be potential pests to which local populations are vulnerable to (even if they are considered a native species).

When the Luna Moth has passed away after a life-span week of adult stage, I shall place them in a glass case to bring with us to New Zealand. I want to have them in the cob walls of our home as a sentimental memoir. 🙂 ❤


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