Moonlight Tea <3

I‘ve heard of it – but never attempted it before. 🙂 Nor have I looked into the moon’s calendar before. 🙂 There’s always a time to look into it; or there is a timing for everything.. 😉 So starting on the next full-moon, I shall try to make a batch of peppermint herbal tea by the full moon night. Hopefully it shall not be too cold on March 12th or 28th. Also, it is quite important to brew your mason jar on a full moon night with clear skies. 🙂 A-little cloudy at times is okay, but – one needs the light reflecting off of the moon in order to make a magic tea effectively before sunrise. 🙂

To see a link to the full moon calendar here is a delightful link I shall be using as a guide:

Also, on the side of my various studies – I am looking further upon my endless adventures of learning about the world of herbs. 😀 There is a delightful free source I have been learning from which covers over fifty herb profiles. Some I have heard of, and others I have not. 🙂 When Daniel and I settle into The Butterfly Forests Homestead, there will be plenty of hiking trips in the sticks -to learn upon Maori Medicine/New Zealand herbs.

In the herbal beds surrounding the main house and various other areas where the four-hundred and fifty olive trees live; will have various common and non common herbs. 🙂 *Native and non-native types.

Link to current studies I am partaking in; the Herbal Profiles webpage:


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