I‘m beginning to dip the tips of my paws into the world of superfoods today. ūüôā I do know about Wheatgrass and will grow it, harvest and make into a quite bitter juice out of it.
Even so- I have only just begun to understand what mother nature offers for my overall health and well being physically. ūüôā

After picking up my weekly stack of library books, I always tend to find something quite eye-catching to me. In the future, I plan to grow all of (or most) of these super-yummies at the Butterfly Forests Homestead; to sell and produce for our own consumption. ūüôā
Superfoods list:

Amaranth        Fennel                Sorrel
Basil                  Fenugreek         Sunflower
Beet                   Flax                     Wheatgrass
Bok Choy         Kale
Broccoli           Lentils
Cabbage          Mizuna
Celery             Mustard
Chives            Parsley
Clover             Purslane
Corn                Radish
Cress               Rocket (Arugula)
Endive            Shungiku

Link to “How to grow microgreens” youtube video:¬† https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwLxkOSG4gU

What I plan to do here, is to have a few of the superfoods which are listed here and then grow them from seed, harvest and make it a part of my daily diet. ūüôā I shall post photos below this paragraph when I begin the project shortly. ‚̧


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