Butterfly Forests on Etsy!

As of ten minutes ago, the Butterfly Forests Homestead etsy shop is up and running! 😀

This is a great way to start practicing more with online sales. In the future, the Butterfly Forests Homestead will primarily focus on in-person sales. But- artworks which can be sold world wide will be listed on the Etsy shop here.

As the Butterfly Forests Homestead gains popularity overtime, I imagine the shop will do pretty-well. In the meanwhile, this a great way for me to share my artworks to the world and maybe gain some funds from it. 🙂 *Who knows what the future’s treasures shall bring?* Either way, I am very grateful and feel blessed. ❤

Link to online shop can be found here:

* I have noticed whilst I was setting up the shop: Etsy does not allow certain dimensions of artworks which just might be too big to sell on Etsy. Which is fine, since I wouldn’t mind selling them locally to those would love to own them. 🙂

So… in the future overall, any artworks which would be tricky to ship will be sold in the future, will be on Butterfly Forests Homestead website (Daniel will help me design/create the website in 2018).


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