First homemade Muesli batch

Daniel and I made our first large batch of Muesli! 😀 This shall be one of our dried staples at the Butterfly Forests Homestead. In the future, we plan to have five pound buckets full of dried foods in our kitchen cabinets. All of the non-perishable items shall come fresh from the garden on a daily basis.

The sized batch we made today only cost us a total of twenty dollars, and will feed two adults breakfasts for a total of a month in a half! (or longer!) 😀

Making Muesli is super easy and you can play around with what dried fruits, nuts, seeds, spices and style of oats you prefer. We included bran, oats, raisins, craisins, sliced almonds, dried apple, candied ginger, cinnamon, mace, flax seed, nutmeg, all-spice, and peanuts.

There are recipes which have certain measurements. You really do not have to be precise! 🙂 Unless, you are planning to re-create the same Muesli time and again. Daniel and I simply eye-balled it with the proportions of “food elements.” 😛 😀



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