The Property While Away

So, while we are still living in the states and getting ready for the big move in 2018: we need to have property maintenance of the olive trees and so-forth.
-It is amazing how quickly a well maintained property shall be taken over by nature again, and transformed into what I picture as a happy meadow. 🙂  Once or twice a year, we have a lovely landscaping company of two tend to our needs while being away from the future Butterfly Forests Homestead. 🙂

Here are the before and after photos. Keep in mind, when we left the newly mowed property – the time was June 14th of this year. It took them a total of seven hours to mow. How quickly it grew in full swing! 😀

The crew of two said:
In some parts between the trees the growth was quite thick and as high as the bonnet of the tractor.


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