Bottle tower garden wall <3

After watching a rather interesting discovery in regards of gardening, Daniel has responded with this idea:

“What if we built cob garden walls, perhaps in strategic places we wanted to block wind, and lined them with these bottle towers?” 🙂

Youtube video link explaining the steps to building your own bottle tower for container gardening:

Shortly I shall be water coloring a prototype of the cob wall with bottle towers later on this weekend. 🙂 It will be a simple design, but still fun, colorful and creative. 🙂  I really like his idea to construct such a wall(s). There will be a few plants I’d imagine, which shall be more delicate than most. Other plants which like more shady places, etc. 🙂

Also, since Daniel is so very busy with his studies and work; I will be carrying on the 3D model of the Butterfly Forests Homestead main house and surrounding property elements. ❤ I’ve felt lately my donations to constructing our dream has been severely lacking in the momentum it once was. 🙂

It is time to bring a mega boost of ♥espressorainbow power♥ to our lovely monster plan! 😀 hehehe ❤

Update: First image prototype of cob bottle tower concept


First concept design 🙂


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