New sketch for garden bed

Sorry for the long wait until something new has been posted on the Butterfly Forests blog. Been quite busy offline. 🙂 I shall still watercolor the goddess in full color shortly, and upload it soon.

On a side note:

We are remaining in the states for an extension of time from previously planned. Daniel has found furthering his education is ideal in order to become more comfortable financially. I as well shall be continuing to work hard upon my studies and designs for the Butterfly Forests homestead.  Interestingly, Daniel has given me more power to decide what the homestead and property will be in whole. I simply check in with him from time to time, for the “okay-go” on a design or project. 🙂 … I would be lying, if I said I didn’t like having all of this extra “creative wiggle-wiggle space.” 🙂

The sketch is not dirty. Just has a few pencil nicks. The saturation filter used to enhance this photo caused the yellow in the lower left side corner.

Update of simple watercolor version: 10/24/16



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