Arbor Design 1

A tad bit later than planned (personal set deadline was this past weekend) to have this design done; but, it is what it is. 😉 🙂 I’m quite proud of myself, considering one who has not taken a single class of designed layouts or drawing architectural’ish structures. 🙂 This simply shows as an example to others one does not need to have professional trained skills in order to plan something out. All I have is a self taught approach of what one would do if they were showing a layout animation in backgrounds and structures.

Slightly related background history: ❤

In the past I used to paint animation cels traditionally by hand, watercolor animation backgrounds and write story-scripts. The animation I had spent eleven years (ten years total to perfect all four OVA scripts) on was an original animation. The animation I worked on was anime styled and was meticulously, passionately.. and painstakingly detailed. The animation series was “YAMNA SAGAS: OVAs 1-4.” I calculated how long it was going to take to complete a one hour episode, in high quality. I estimated to myself, it would take a total of eight years per episode.

Eight hours to hand paint a single animation cel, twenty-four frames per second . . you get the math. 😛 😉 haha – So I said, forget it. 🙂

Naturally in time I shall evolve my designs of the Butterfly Forests Homestead to meet the standards of clear layouts. 😛 🙂 Still, very-Iris — but nonetheless furthering my professionalism of what professionalism is considered to be. 🙂 😉


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