Drawing-pad of dreams

This weekend, I shall be painting out some visual ideas for the Butterfly Forests Homestead. 🙂

It’s been far too long since I have brewed up some interesting ideas for our future home, and the fall season is coming. The fall season to me is both exciting and tranquil. Symbolically, the fall season is a sign to me to take further plans for the upcoming new year. A season of change, allowing the past to drift down and decay [in a good-sense] and embrace the beauty of the mysterious unknown future ahead. 🙂

Some sparks of my inner-muse for the Butterfly Forests Homestead, include the archways which overhang towards the main entrance. Daniel and I imagine possibly willows could be grown in rows and trained into archways. Fruiting vines and honey/fruit beneficial flowers [like passion-flowers] could be planted at the feet of the willow trees. Maybe, hanging pots here or there along the way, of herbs and such. Who knows until I gently dab my brush onto water colored paper in what shall become of the result..? -It thrills me so! 😀 ❤

Update ideas: (9/24/2016)

Daniel has suggested this morning willows in  growth-girth may not be the best idea for the gap between the olive groves on either side of the main driveway path. Which reminds me of the simple gift of having the blessing of a dear friend or loved one collaborating with a project, etc. 🙂

The thought of purchasing harvested bamboo came to mind. 🙂


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