The Butterfly Place

This afternoon, Daniel and I drove to one of our sentimental spots. For the love of Butterflies and nature, we felt it would be great to come back to this much missed place for further inspiration and knowledge. ‘The Butterfly Place’ is a peaceful delight for all ages. ❤

We hadn’t been back there for years, and felt we needed to ‘recharge our tranquility batteries’ for a bit. 😉 🙂 I was very happy to overtime have several butterflies land on me while visiting. Various trees and flowering plants, along with a few birds they had were in the bio-room. I still enjoy sitting nearby the pond with koi fish. ❤

Coming back to this sentimental place, reminded us of the future plans to develop a butterfly sanctuary and nursing greenhouse/ bio-dome of sorts. The plan, is to have native New Zealand species of butterflies lay their eggs, hatch, become caterpillars and go through the stages of metamorphosis to become strong and healthy butterflies. Natural food sources, water, etc shall be designed to their liking in the ‘bio-dome.’ Once they are ready to leave the glassed in sanctuary, we open the windows and allow them to flutter-by free to the flower meadows and food forest gardens. 🙂

A link to ‘The Butterfly Place’ official website can be found here:


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