Received the deed!

As of today, we have been emailed a PDF file from our lawyer of the deed to the Butterfly Forests Homestead/Rose Twig Music property. 😀 Lovely timing, due of Daniel coming home recently with a small french tart ‘birthday cake’ [my birthday on August 26th was delayed due of work, etc] and a baby’s first birthday card.

“Baby’s first birthday card? .. Aren’t you well over this age?”

Well, I am planning to officially change my birth name of Mary Katherine Sullivan to Iris Starlight Rosensweig (Rosensweig is Daniel’s last name) once budget can allow. 🙂 This baby’s first birthday is symbolic to me. A meaning of the ‘rebirth’ and next big phase in my life and overall future.

Updating the Butterfly Forests Logo:

For sometime I have been looking at the current Butterfly Forests logo and felt as if it needed a bit more flowers, and to add a few butterflies. Apart of me wanted to keep the painting very simple. I wanted the viewer to see both a masculinity and femininity in the tree. After some simmering in the back burner of my mind, I shall finally make this add-on happen tomorrow. 🙂 😉

Update September 1st, 2016:

Due of being in a bit of a funk yesterday, I did not manage to paint the logo on my day off from work. I think, I might be suffering from a mid case of depression these days. . Even so, I imagine I’ll bounce right back and get the Butterfly Forests Homestead logo properly finished. 🙂 “We are all human” as the saying goes, with all the ‘blips’ and ’emotional hick-ups’ on our ever-winding path journey. For no matter how happy you are in overall demeanor and positive outlook you may have about life; we can all have our gloomy moments. 🙂


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