Work hard for the glowing dream..

Since coming back to the states, I have not had the time to work on the Butterfly Forests Homestead plans since July 3rd. Having both a grand deal of work still left to do, and also working over forty hours per week at a job unrelated to the Butterfly Forests Homestead; I have been learning how to balance both the last year left in the states to prepare for our transition into ‘awesomeness’ and a normal.. boring, it’s-okay lifestyle all commoner below middle class Americans know.

The funds to establish the Butterfly Forests Homestead do not appear on the wings of fairies. 😉 😛

It gives me great pleasure to happily know I have the free time tomorrow to finally watercolor/pencil an updated version of the wordpress banner, on my day off. 😀

So stay tuned for more progress as the creation process becomes a reality. 😀


The first design and old details. 🙂


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