Receiving an IRD -New Zealand

An IRD (Inland Revenue Department) is used by Inland Revenue, banks and financial institutions, government departments and employers to identify you for tax purposes. Why we need one at this current state of our development is for the completion of purchasing land in New Zealand. (In this process, you need to open a New Zealand bank account before you can apply for your IRD number).

Today we are heading over to Tuffs Library to print out some copies. 🙂

Examples of proof documents of resident address(IRD):
You need to hand in copies of important documents along with your IRD number application form.

1.) A scanned copy of your passport information page (the one with your picture and name on it).
2.) A mailed bank statement to your home address.
3.) A scanned copy of utility bills statement mailed to your home address.
4.) Copy of the purchase agreement contract (property contract).
5.) A copy of your transactions in a New Zealand Bank Account (Documents to confirm your New Zealand bank account is fully functional). Or a signed letter from the bank confirming that the accounts are active and fully functional. 🙂



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