Go fund me video

This morning, a lovely friend of ours helped create a gofundme.com video for the Butterfly Forests Homestead. 🙂 Once the gofundme.com website is up and running, I shall post a direct link here. We still need to crowd-source $80,000.00 USD by August 17th (60 days from signed contract) in order to pay in full for the property.

On a side note:
I have never made a fundraising video before. 🙂 It was quite amusing to say the least. 😛 In the nearby future, I look forward to going behind the camera once again for The Butterfly Forests Homestead updates.

Link to gofundme Butterfly Forests Homestead and RoseTwig Music project:

Update: 07/13/2016

We have been blessed with the eighty-thousand dollars we needed in order to fully pay for the land in Mangonui, New Zealand! 😀 Hooray! ❤ A mountain of stress has been lifted from our shoulders. 🙂


Property found! :D

We just found our little slice of heaven for the “Butterfly Forests Homestead” (property) in New Zealand. Olive trees, a patch of bush (protected forest of sorts) and plenty of space to create all of the necessary establishments. Looking into all of the details and paperwork needed to make it possible in the next few days or so.

More details and photos TBA.  😀

Update 06/28/16: (Photos of the property!) 😀

Changing the Butterfly Forests Logo

Since there are some updated changes that need to be done on the logo (new phone number, typos and such) once we come home from New Zealand, I’ll be watercoloring a new Christmas Tree (Pohutukawa tree). Seeing the Pohutukawa tree in person, several times now – gives me a more accurate design in mind. 🙂

Tomorrow, we shall be using an RV for the remainder of our stay in New Zealand. Checking out the sights, sounds and seemingly endless beautiful natural treasures. Our “bank meeting” to open a Kiwi account will be from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.

On trademe.co.nz, we have managed to find quite a few bare lands for sale. 😀 On our journey, I shall be continuing to update the Butterfly Forests website on the process of creating a lovely new homestead. ❤ 😀

Day 1 of 30 New Zealand

We are staying for a week with a lovely couple who are developing their self sustainable, food-forest, and permaculture homestead. A lovely day and such caring-intelligent individuals. 🙂 We were given a grand tour of their property and future plans with cob building and a round house for their healing arts. 🙂

The two pure bred dairy goats they own are called: “Saanen.” A fine-gentle dairy goat. 🙂

More information about the Saanen can be found here: