First step on the path

Tomorrow, we shall be starting our one month trip to New Zealand’s North Island. The plans are to purchase undeveloped land and to explore our future home. πŸ™‚

When considering a piece of land to purchase, we need to test the soil to make sure the ground under our feet holds the fundamental parts to create a cob home structure.

Soil Analysis Test:

1.) Fill a mason jar with one-third soil.
2.) Pour one third of the jar with water and add then pinch of salt.
3.) Stir with a stick or spoon, place on lid tightly and then shake thoroughly.
4.) Allow the mason jar to sit for one hour.
5.) Shake again, let it sit for one minute.
6.) If your soil has sand, silt and clay in it; you shall have three distinct layers (sand is the heaviest of the three, and it shall sink to the bottom as you watch the settling process).
7.) The silt will settle next, and the clay will stay suspended in the water for a couple days then settle on top of the silt. The best soil with have little silt and a lot of clay – as you can always add sand to get the proper consistency.

As we continue to evolve the “Butterfly Forests Homestead” I shall record and take photos here of the exciting steps and stages it takes to make a successful Eco-friendly, self-sustainable -Earth-animal-insect loving homestead. πŸ˜€ ❀


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