Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a common known kitchen herb. This is the first time I have grown Rosemary in my Medical Herbalism studies. As aromatic this evergreen shrub is: The main reason why it’s taken me so long to add Rosemary to my expertise of plant care – is due of how pretty much anyone knows about it [Medicinal Herbalist or not]. 😉 I am not one who is drawn to non-exotic things.

I.e. New awe inspiring thoughts/ideas or causing myself to become curious in great fascination of something I have not encountered before. 😀 That childhood part of yourself that finds the sheer glee of discovery-adventure! ❤

The long term plans at the Butterfly Forests Homestead, is to sell and grow uncommon, rare and obscure herbs; including New Zealand Maori Medicinal Herbs. 🙂

As for my first hand experience with Rosemary this year, I have found myself accidentally killing one by over-watering it. 😛 “Oh, dear.” – I thought. As apart of learning it is expected to make some mistakes so to speak. To me, making mistakes can be a very good thing.. Due of the endless possibility of unleashing a new point of view or *eureka!* moment. 😀
Some lovely holistic healing benefits of Rosemary:

  • Rosemary infusion oil can be used externally for skin irritations like eczema and joint problems like arthritis
  • Speeding the healing recovery of wounds and bruises externally.
  • Internally, Rosemary Leaf mild tea can help fight illness when sipped until signs of the illnesses symptoms have gone.
  • Rosemary infused oil is an intensive treatment for bad dandruff of hair loss, and can be rubbed in hair, left for at least an hour and washed out. This overtime improves scalp condition.
  • Rosemary Oil can be used externally for illnesses to speed recovery, by rubbing on the feet or any sore areas.
  • Externally, Rosemary Oil can help sooth an unhappy stomach and relieve pain from indigestion and menstrual cramps.


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