Spiral Herb Bed C1

This is the first of five I plan to design for our future homestead. 🙂
The plan is to have a wide assortment overtime of commoner herbs and not-so-well known, herbs growing. Then while I am exploring New Zealand every passing day, take part-time classes in Maori Herbology; I will then plant native New Zealand herbs to help all those who are in need of Medicinal Herb help. ❤


Spiral Herb Raised Bed. Concept design one.


Greywater Recycling Pond C1

While learning more about the diversity of Permaculture, the chapter upon ways to reuse dirty water you have leaving your home; describes the more natural, safer approach to filtering out dirty water into clean drinkable water slowly overtime. Water that can be used in the garden and as a water reservoir. Daniel and I plan to create the Butterfly Forests Homestead into a “zero-waste” one-hundred percent closed circuit of mother nature. 🙂

We shall be creating our own organic soaps, shampoos, conditioners and cleaning products from organic materials. Materials we will be growing from the various gardens, beehives, and goats milk. Future Grey water recycling system designs and concepts will be drawn by me and conversed/planned together. 🙂 Nothing is wasted and brought to a landfill. We will be completely responsible and caring to whatever we use and how this effects the world under our feet, to the water, plants, animals, insects and air.

*I will be drawing a side view of the second part of the grey water recycling system soon.

Below is the first image I have drawn in colored pencil.
[Please note: This drawing concept design is the second part of the Grey water recycling system. There is a marsh-like filtration bog created first, to help tiny microbes which can take their time chowing down on the many organic materials grey water is].


Second section of the Grey Water Recycling System.

 The plants shown on either side of the drawing are simple ideas for what one could plant around the edges of the pond. These flowers and greenery plants in the photo clippings are to inspire me; not take seriously as what we shall actually be planting there. For the time being, I have ordered a few organic catalogs online to use in future pond concepts. Ones that are water friendly and feed off of further microbes that could be potentially harmful to the gardens [a tier below the pond]. So the plants shown here are not necessarily going to be the ones set with helping clean and care of the water in the pond. 😉 🙂

Butterfly Forests Homestead M2

This evening, Daniel and I began working upon our environment of the Butterfly Forests Homestead in modeling clay. In it’s current state, the model has taken us roughly three hours to build while watching a lovely documentary on how China is striving to save their endangered Giant Panda species. 🙂

In comparison to my first lone model of the main house, the second rendition is far more lovelier in mutual opinion. ❤

I cannot wait to see this model continue to evolve as we work on it as a team.
Also to mention as an exciting note:

Only three more months until we see New Zealand in person, purchase bare land in the North Island and get the citizenship process going. 😀