Attending New England Grows

This is the first time I have attended a gardening, landscaping and overall ‘Green’ convention and exhibition center. ­čÖé It is made for small to big green businesses. A convention that is not made for the public, consumer to attend. ­čśë Only businesses are allowed to participate. A trade show, workshop/seminars and supplier contact show if you will.

I gained knowledge of various information about plants, honeybee care and soil repair. Also learning about a twenty years in the making group of passionate nature-earth lovers [Archangel Ancient Tree Archive], who are working on cloning ancient giant trees.. in order to do their part to help heal the earth. They have successfully cloned and planted various large ancient trees internationally.

The convention runs for three days: December 2nd to 4th.

The official website of the New England Grows convention can be found here:
On a side note-update on the previous blog post:

Since looking into New England weather in the winter months [temperature, lack of sunlight, etc] and the costly price it would be to purchase lighting equipment for my now indoor plants; I have decided to not get artificial UV ray lighting.

It does not make any logical or budget-wise sense to purchase this plant lighting equipment while knowing how we shall only be living in the United States for less than a couple of years from now. Shipping the artificial sunlight equipment to New Zealand would be silly, and also pointing out how we plan to design our future cob home in accordance to the sun’s changing yearly directions/angles. ­čśë ­čÖé


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