Summer~time Infusions

Another Iris first: Making simple and easy cold infusions. 🙂

It’s amazing how many healthy foods and beverages are out there in your local grocery stores you can make at home; and for the fraction of the price. 🙂 For example, one of my favorite drinks is from a delightful beverage line called: ‘hint.’ At the age of seventeen, I recall in the tiny rural city I grew up in – there was a small health food store. I was just a beginner in understanding smarter food choices.

Stepping into the lovely store, known as the ‘Red Hen’ [no longer in business at my hometown, sadly] -I saw the ‘hint’ beverages for the first time. Curious, I chose the flavor: Cucumber. After tasting it, I found it more refreshing than the commoner tap water I drank at summertime. 🙂 Years later, I learned of water infusions and didn’t want to spend so much on a product that I could easily make at home. Plus, a larger quantity to boot with the small cost of a few mere dollars. 😀

Cucumbers help lower body heat on a hot summer’s day. The chemical in the cucumber which assists in cooling the body temperature is cucurbitin. The fatty oils of the cucumber’s seeds provide a calming effect on the body when used topically.
Combining mint in a cucumber infusion, brings out a longer stabilizing cool bodily effect.

*Cucumbers are also anti-inflammatory, cooling [both internal and external] and moisture regulating. Cucumber seed oil extracts are great for adding to salves and skin cremes.*

How to make a cold infusion drink:
You can use berries, bananas; any sort of fruit will do nicely. This also includes various veggies as well. 🙂

1.) Chop or thinly slice one whole large cucumber into an eight cup holding pitcher.
[Your aim is to fill the glass flask at least half way full of any size]. Berries and other strong pungent fruits/vegetables only need to be filled a quarter of the way full of any water holding vessel. Adding a table spoons worth of fresh mint or spearmint leaves helps bring out the flavor, and cooling effect to fruit or veggie infusions.

2.) Fill the glass pitcher or flask with cold water to the neckline.

3.) Allow to chill in your refrigerator overnight; So then one does not have to wait during the smoldering day for this beverage treat. 😉 Start the infusion just before you head off to bed. Please Note: It’s best to have the flask sealed or covered with a lid/plastic wrap while the infusion process takes place. Infusions tend to be sensitive with picking up any neighboring items odors/scents you might have in your fridge.

4.) Drain or choose not to drain [it’s up to your liking]. If you leave the fruit in or vegetables in the fusion, it also becomes a fresh fruit/vegetable water salad. ❤
~Enjoy! 😉 😀

DSC05694 DSC05695


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