Growing Borage for the first time. :)

This winter [January 2015] I purchased quite a few organic/non-GMO herb seeds I have not grown before, to further my studies as a Medicinal Herbalist. 🙂
Borage [Borago officinalis], also known as Starflower is great for Honeybees and for various healing medicinal properties.

It’s natural habitats are in the Mediterranean region, and flourishes well in UK climates and New England, USA climates. Borage is a self seeding herb, which is another bonus with future seed gatherings in the fall. It’s leaves and flower tops are edible. A great way to color-up your summer salads. 😀 I shall take photos of a summer-herb salad; or if you so desire – you can easily look up Borage/herbal summer salads using “google images” search on your own. Google, as many know in the cyber world has quite an immense image section. 😉 🙂
“Traditionally borage was cultivated for culinary and medicinal uses, although today commercial cultivation is mainly as an oilseed. The seed oil is desired as source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), for which borage is the highest known plant-based source (17-28%).[2] The seed oil content is between 26-38% and in addition to GLA contains the fatty acids palmitic acid (10-11%), stearic acid (3.5-4.5%), oleic acid (16-20%), linoleic acid (35-38%), eicosenoic acid (3.5-5.5%), erucic acid (1.5-3.5%), and nervonic acid (1.5%). The oil is often marketed as “starflower oil” or “borage oil” for uses as a GLA supplement, although healthy adults will typically produce ample GLA through dietary linoleic acid.”
Paragraph information taken from:

Borage Seeding DSC03924 DSC03925 DSC03926


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