Hazelnut Saplings!

The Hazelnut Saplings are looking great as they continue to grow on their first year.
Root production on a Hazelnut tree’s first year is it’s main focus. The next fallowing year will be height, making more branches, etc.

When I come back from the work exchange Dairy Goat Farm, I will transfer the Hazelnut Saplings into their own rather large individual pots. If I do not see leaves emerged from the two currently budding saplings; I will wait until they are all “wide awake” and ready for taking in much needed sunshine from their new fully developed leaves.

Have a great day everyone, enjoy the sunshine and Namaste’ 🙂
DSC03748 DSC03749


Goat Care Training

At the end of this month to mid April, I shall be in a work exchange. The Goat Farm I will be helping specializes in making goat’s cheeses [soft and hard] and raw goats milk. Other skills I shall be acquiring will be from trimming goats hooves, milking does, administering vaccines, hand feeding new kids, assisting with doe birthing, cleaning and helping maintain the farm basically. 🙂

So many wonderful new skills will be learned in such a short time period. 😀