Fencing Future Angora Goats

It makes me happy to know that the fencing regulations in New Zealand for goats is zero electrical fencing. 🙂 [No shockie’-the-goatees there]. 😛 ahaha

*On a serious note: I am personally against installing electrical fences. I find it in ways of animal cruelty. Of, course in extreme situations like really strong animals: Cow Bulls, Oxen, to etc it may be needed in order to keep them from escaping and running a muck. Even so, I do not like the idea.

I am tempted to make a really pretty-artistic fencing for our future Angora Goats, but considering how much will be on our “to do list” of important constructions to make.. Umn, maybe we can spend that extra artistic fun on the entrance of Butterfly Forests instead.


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