Cob Cottage Company!

My sweetheart and I shall be heading off to Oregon this June for a nine day intensive class. The class shall be learning the fundamentals of how to build a cob/adobe home from scratch.

A cob house, is a home made of earth, straw, sand, silt, clay and stone. Some timber or fossilized wood from off of your property can be used; but is not necessary. Think of the Hobbit for a visual idea, when thinking of a cob/adobe home. Cob is a very wonderful and old age material to construct your sanctuary. A raised foundation of stone for the cob/adobe home is ideal, since cob is not best friends with water so to speak. It could erode overtime if not plastered and a sloped-overhanging roof isn’t applied to the home.

Some of the pluses of owning a cob/adobe house:

1.) Fireproof [it would transform into a huge clay pot].
2.) Earthquake Proof.
3.) Termite Proof [if wooden beams are not exposed with a covering of cob, or simply using cob].
4.) Lasts for hundreds of years! 😀
5.) Great for retaining heat [having a rocket stove or cob oven in the home, slowly heats up the house and takes several hours to cool down].
6.) Remains cool and fluctuates temperature smoothly with the rising and falling of natures natural outdoor seasons.
[If it is hot outdoors it is known for cob houses to be much cooler indoors, in comparison to the common modern day homes].
7.) A small carbon footprint [looks lovely with natures beautiful scenery: better harmony and love]. 😉 🙂

If you would like to attend a lovely class from the Cob Cottage Company, here is their official website:


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