Making Orange Peel Medicine

It’s quite easy to make Orange Peel Medicine on your own at home. 🙂
Great for those suffering from gastric [GI] issues, the orange peel improves energy efficiency and contains immunostimulants. Orange peel when taken as an herbal medicine can help treat coughing spells. The pith on the orange can help increase the health of your heart, by opening up blood vessels in a gentle and natural way [allowing your blood pressure to harmonize at normal levels].

“The peel itself is rich in Vitamin C, and contains components that act as natural diuretic to improve bladder function. The peel has also been shown to fight against depression and chronic fatigue. The orange peel tea benefits also include a bronchodilation action, which reduces cough, and opens airways that are clogged by mucous, asthma or bronchitis. In fact, the tremendous positive health improvements offered by this modest member of the citrus family makes it a must-have for any natural medicine chest. Instead of reaching for over the counter meds, try an herbal remedy that can work as well and cause less harm.

Herbal teas can offer more than just health benefits. They are an extremely good way to get picky eaters, small children or reluctant patients to take in the natural medicines or vitamins they need. The delicious aroma and taste is just one of the many orange peel tea benefits. It is pleasant enough to enjoy just for its taste and fragrance, and it can improve your immune system while you drink it. The vitamin C and the bioflavonoids within the orange peel can stimulate your circulation, immunity, lift your mood and energy and can create an overall aura of good health.”


DSC03722 DSC03723


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