Giving the Herb Seed Starters another go

As a personal experience of mine with a particular bio dome I had previously purchased and tried; sadly the product was a total failure to have spent money on. Nonetheless, as optimistic, positive thinker, open mindedness and my stubbornness to succeed; I have simply gone back to the traditional way I tend to start gardens.

Organic soil, water, sunlight, love and organic seed. 🙂

From this experience I learned and found to laugh at myself upon how I was trying to “cheat” Mother Nature, by trying to skip some basic steps with making something happen. Laziness, or trying to jump ahead – or – speed something up when it shouldn’t be, is not the best thing to place into action. 🙂 😉 haha

Plus, I enjoy getting my hands dirty and working hard to the raw basics of the creation process. 🙂
Taking sheer enjoyment out of building an object or project from scratch and knowing that everything you do for it; no matter how insignificant it may be, is critical to it’s success. 😀

*Once I have transplanted the developed seedlings into large pots, I shall take some photos. 🙂


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