Cob Cottage Company!

My sweetheart and I shall be heading off to Oregon this June for a nine day intensive class. The class shall be learning the fundamentals of how to build a cob/adobe home from scratch.

A cob house, is a home made of earth, straw, sand, silt, clay and stone. Some timber or fossilized wood from off of your property can be used; but is not necessary. Think of the Hobbit for a visual idea, when thinking of a cob/adobe home. Cob is a very wonderful and old age material to construct your sanctuary. A raised foundation of stone for the cob/adobe home is ideal, since cob is not best friends with water so to speak. It could erode overtime if not plastered and a sloped-overhanging roof isn’t applied to the home.

Some of the pluses of owning a cob/adobe house:

1.) Fireproof [it would transform into a huge clay pot].
2.) Earthquake Proof.
3.) Termite Proof [if wooden beams are not exposed with a covering of cob, or simply using cob].
4.) Lasts for hundreds of years! 😀
5.) Great for retaining heat [having a rocket stove or cob oven in the home, slowly heats up the house and takes several hours to cool down].
6.) Remains cool and fluctuates temperature smoothly with the rising and falling of natures natural outdoor seasons.
[If it is hot outdoors it is known for cob houses to be much cooler indoors, in comparison to the common modern day homes].
7.) A small carbon footprint [looks lovely with natures beautiful scenery: better harmony and love]. 😉 🙂

If you would like to attend a lovely class from the Cob Cottage Company, here is their official website:


Fencing Future Angora Goats

It makes me happy to know that the fencing regulations in New Zealand for goats is zero electrical fencing. 🙂 [No shockie’-the-goatees there]. 😛 ahaha

*On a serious note: I am personally against installing electrical fences. I find it in ways of animal cruelty. Of, course in extreme situations like really strong animals: Cow Bulls, Oxen, to etc it may be needed in order to keep them from escaping and running a muck. Even so, I do not like the idea.

I am tempted to make a really pretty-artistic fencing for our future Angora Goats, but considering how much will be on our “to do list” of important constructions to make.. Umn, maybe we can spend that extra artistic fun on the entrance of Butterfly Forests instead.

Making Orange Peel Medicine

It’s quite easy to make Orange Peel Medicine on your own at home. 🙂
Great for those suffering from gastric [GI] issues, the orange peel improves energy efficiency and contains immunostimulants. Orange peel when taken as an herbal medicine can help treat coughing spells. The pith on the orange can help increase the health of your heart, by opening up blood vessels in a gentle and natural way [allowing your blood pressure to harmonize at normal levels].

“The peel itself is rich in Vitamin C, and contains components that act as natural diuretic to improve bladder function. The peel has also been shown to fight against depression and chronic fatigue. The orange peel tea benefits also include a bronchodilation action, which reduces cough, and opens airways that are clogged by mucous, asthma or bronchitis. In fact, the tremendous positive health improvements offered by this modest member of the citrus family makes it a must-have for any natural medicine chest. Instead of reaching for over the counter meds, try an herbal remedy that can work as well and cause less harm.

Herbal teas can offer more than just health benefits. They are an extremely good way to get picky eaters, small children or reluctant patients to take in the natural medicines or vitamins they need. The delicious aroma and taste is just one of the many orange peel tea benefits. It is pleasant enough to enjoy just for its taste and fragrance, and it can improve your immune system while you drink it. The vitamin C and the bioflavonoids within the orange peel can stimulate your circulation, immunity, lift your mood and energy and can create an overall aura of good health.”


DSC03722 DSC03723

Attending Class <3

Starting today, I have decided to continue my studies in Medicinal Herbalism with an online course at “Herbal Academy of New England.” 🙂  You can find the link to the online course here, and more information of other classes if interested:

I really look forward to getting my mind further engrossed into learning richer ways to help others in mental, physical and spiritual healing alternatives. 🙂


Giving the Herb Seed Starters another go

As a personal experience of mine with a particular bio dome I had previously purchased and tried; sadly the product was a total failure to have spent money on. Nonetheless, as optimistic, positive thinker, open mindedness and my stubbornness to succeed; I have simply gone back to the traditional way I tend to start gardens.

Organic soil, water, sunlight, love and organic seed. 🙂

From this experience I learned and found to laugh at myself upon how I was trying to “cheat” Mother Nature, by trying to skip some basic steps with making something happen. Laziness, or trying to jump ahead – or – speed something up when it shouldn’t be, is not the best thing to place into action. 🙂 😉 haha

Plus, I enjoy getting my hands dirty and working hard to the raw basics of the creation process. 🙂
Taking sheer enjoyment out of building an object or project from scratch and knowing that everything you do for it; no matter how insignificant it may be, is critical to it’s success. 😀

*Once I have transplanted the developed seedlings into large pots, I shall take some photos. 🙂