Yellow Dye: Celandine plant

Yellow Dye: Celandine plant

[Used to make yellow dye and is a medicinal herb].

Also called: swallowwort or ‘swallow herb’. According to another fable, swallows utilized the sap or juice of celandine to reinforce the vision of their young ones. Taking a cue from this, humans also used the juice obtained from the herb in the form of eye drops to cure cataracts. However, this particular therapeutic use of the herb was stopped several years back.

Abiding by the doctrine of signatures, herbalists have taken the vivid orange hued juice of celandine in the form of a heavenly sign which was a medication for liver diseases as well as jaundice. In effect, the juice of the celandine herb was also used to eradicate warts as well as make calluses softer. The plant’s name ‘tetterwort’ is derived from the use of its orange color juice in traditional herbal medicine to cure skin complaints, for instance, blisters and pimples as well as maladies that were earlier known as tetters.

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