How to Juice Fresh Wheatgrass

How to Juice Fresh Wheatgrass

What you shall need *Tools:

1.) Ziplock Bags.
2.) Sanitized Scissors.
3.) Medium sized glass bowl.
4.) A blender or food processor.
5.) Cheesecloth.
6.) A metal or plastic strainer.
7.) Apple Cider or orange juice [to make it more palatable for taste].
8.) Teaspoon or tablespoon.
9.) A large Funnel.

Step One:

Cut back the wheatgrass down to no more than one inch away from the root. Take it into small handfuls and place into ziplock bags. If you are intending to process it for drink now, place the cut bunches into the glass bowl to hold until next step.

Step Two:

Place a handful of Wheatgrass into the blender and a tablespoon or teaspoon of the prefered juice. In crushed Ice mode, blend the wheatgrass until it is at least a centimeter in length. For the food processor, add all of the Wheatgrass and three to four tablespoons of cider [the amount prefered varies from person to person, so after strained with cheesecloth; add a bit more cider or orange if you feel it needs it]. I eyeball how much apple cider to add.

Step Three:
After well blended, place the plastic or metal strainer into the medium-sized bowl. Make sure the strainer fits nicely into the bowl [not overhanging or smaller than bowl]. A medium sized strainer will do. Place the cheesecloth over the strainer. The cheesecloth should be hanging at least a few inches over the bowl. Pour the contents from the blender or food processor into the cheesecloth. Allow the liquid to drip through the strainer before rigging.

Step Four:
Simply gather the sides of the cheesecloth and squeeze slowly into the bowl. The foam if any will give the drink a lovely froth at the top of your glass. When all of the juice has left the cheesecloth; discard the Wheatgrass pulp into a compost container [or trash].
-With a large funnel, pour the juice from the bowl into a glass.
Enjoy! 🙂


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