Designing the Business Cards

Since I was not able to start working on a graphic for my business card [due of spending most of my day off in the garden]; I shall be drawing out the pencil outline after work tomorrow. 🙂

The thought is to have a Pohutukawa tree sketched out with butterflies as it’s leaves. The choice to not have a native plant of New England [Not a plant/tree from the United States] or a tree which is not easily identifiable by people from The United States, is due of the fact.. Well, my Partner and I shall be moving to New Zealand in three years from now. So having a tree which is native and identifiable to other fellow Kiwis is important. Plus, the tree has a symbolic feeling to me. Which is the strong arms of the tree and how it supports great life. A hardy and tough survivor. Slow growing, they can live over one thousand years.. Which reminds me of ancient times; a wise man, time keeper and close connection with nature and the flow of the Earth.

Also, on a lighter note the Pohutukawa tree is quite a pretty one. It slightly reminds me of a Sakura tree in ways [another striking beauty]. Look up Pohutukawa tree on google. You shan’t be disappointed. 🙂


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