Herbal Raised Bed Process

Herbal Raised Bed Process

Since I am a starting Herbalist, I think it would be nice to help others with the learning process. Here I am showing one of the last steps to creating a more natural raised bed. Under the wood chips are two layers. The first layer, is cardboard. The second layer, is various sized flat wood planks with nails faced downwards. I stepped down on each plank, to make sure the nails went through the cardboard and into the soil. Before placing both layers down, I set the heavy logs to trace out the herbal raised bed. Lastly, I set the bricks around the edges of the wood chips to help reinforce the structure and help keep the wood chips at bay [from possibly leaking out onto the outside]. Which is not a bad thing, I just prefer to keep the raised bed nice and neat. 🙂


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