Building Herbal Raised Bed: Finished

Building Herbal Raised Bed Finished

This the final step of my Herbal raised bed. I do plan to create a second herbal bed in the future. Please note, that this Herbal Bed is intended for shallow rooted herbs and not deep tapping Herbs. You can alter what I did for deeper rooted herbs, by simply making a higher wall surrounding the Herb Bed and adding deeper layers.
~The last parts of completing this Herbal Bed are as follows:

1.) Shovel and level at least three inches of compost onto the bed.
2.) Add three to four inches of light-aerated topsoil [Not packed down] over the compost.
3.) Place Herbs [I choose Chamomile] in desired formation.
4.) Stake corners and use kite string in three to four tiers, making a “fence.”

We have two free range hens on the property, so I needed to make a barrier so it would be more difficult to walk around and peck in the dirt. The center was scattered with wildflower seeds for the honey bees [we have a beehive in the back yard]. 🙂


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