Building raised beds from scratch.

This morning, I shall be building two raised beds for my Medicinal Herbs. After watching a few DIY videos and a lovely website, I thought: it is time. A lead tester is also in order, due of hearing how Massachusetts is known for its lead content in it’s soil. Purchasing a Lead Tester, will be done also this morning- even before thinking of transplanting any of my seedlings into backyard ground soil. Since, lead can be absorbed into the plants themselves and I do not want this chance to happen [whether the plant’s finished product is edible or placed on the hair/skin].

The raised beds will be shaped in a ‘U’ formation and about hip height. This will make harvesting easier, weeding easier and keeping the herbs which are known to “spread like wildfire” when untended on a non-raised bed not an issue.

When I am done, I will upload a photo with the finished project.


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